Class: MVT


import MVT from 'ol/format/MVT';

Feature format for reading data in the Mapbox MVT format.

new MVT(opt_options)

format/MVT.js, line 51
Name Type Description


Name Type Description
featureClass module:ol/Feature~FeatureClass

Class for features returned by module:ol/format/MVT#readFeatures. Set to module:ol/Feature~Feature to get full editing and geometry support at the cost of decreased rendering performance. The default is module:ol/render/Feature~RenderFeature, which is optimized for rendering and hit detection.

geometryName string (defaults to 'geometry')

Geometry name to use when creating features.

layerName string (defaults to 'layer')

Name of the feature attribute that holds the layer name.

layers Array.<string>

Layers to read features from. If not provided, features will be read from all

idProperty string

Optional property that will be assigned as the feature id and removed from the properties. layers.



readFeatures(source, opt_options){Array.<module:ol/Feature~FeatureLike>}

format/MVT.js, line 251

Read all features.

Name Type Description
source ArrayBuffer



Read options.

Name Type Description
dataProjection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike

Projection of the data we are reading. If not provided, the projection will be derived from the data (where possible) or the dataProjection of the format is assigned (where set). If the projection can not be derived from the data and if no dataProjection is set for a format, the features will not be reprojected.

extent module:ol/extent~Extent

Tile extent in map units of the tile being read. This is only required when reading data with tile pixels as geometry units. When configured, a dataProjection with TILE_PIXELS as units and the tile's pixel extent as extent needs to be provided.

featureProjection module:ol/proj~ProjectionLike

Projection of the feature geometries created by the format reader. If not provided, features will be returned in the dataProjection.



format/MVT.js, line 283

Read the projection from a source.

Name Type Description
source Document | Node | Object | string




format/MVT.js, line 292

Sets the layers that features will be read from.

Name Type Description
layers Array.<string>